Above and below the ground, on land and at sea, there are all manner of structure and equipments that have to survive in corrosive environments, water, Chemicals, Gases and Salt can all take their toll on traditional materials. Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) piping is the materials of choice for handling corrosive fluids and is specially suitable in corrosive external conditions typically caused by corrosive soils, saline water or by chemical fumes. Filaments-wound GRP piiping systems are Custom Engineered and custom fabricated for the particular corrosive environment, mechanical and thermal loading.

By tailoring these parameters, a more reliable and longer pipe-life is achieved due to superior properities, higher design factors and higher corrosion resistance.

Why MMP GLAS GRP Piping?

Salient Features

  • High Corrosion resistance
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • High insulating proper ties
  • Light weight
  • Easy installation
  • Lesser number of points
  • Minimum slime build-up
  • Low maintenance cost

BY custom designing the pipe laminate, superior axial strength and stiffness can be achieved. This can be used to advantage to increase support span thus reducing costs associated with pipe support. GRP pipes are also designed to be more tolerant of the localized stresses caused by pipe supports. This is accomplished by the design of the laminate and by the addition of apecial reinforcements in support regions.

Stiffners are often a very cost effective way to handle load conditions which cause the pipes to buckle and collapse. Examples are vacuum loading, soil loading and traffic loading. The stiffner Laminate, the stiffner size and the stiffner spacing are all 'fine tuned' for the most efficient and cost effective design.

LongevityMMP GRP pipes are designed for a minimum life time of 50 years, in accordance with present standards of GRP pipes.
Freedom from MaintenanceBased on extremely good corrosion resistance MMP GLAS GRP pipes do not need periodic maintenance or cathodic protection for below ground installations.
No LeaksMMP GLAS GRP pipes are delivered in standard lengths of 6Mtrs, hence fewer joints than in pipes made from traditional materials. Fewer joints mean less chance of any problems arising out of leakage.
Light Weight and Easy InstallationThe light weight (1/5th the weight of steel pipes) and long sections of MMP GLAS GRP pipes considerably reduce installation cost, while fewer joints and feasibility of rapid field fabrication leads to faster installation.
Best Long Term Cost / Performance RelationshipMMP GLAS GRP pipes are not always the cheapest alternative based on the initial piping cost, but considering over.