These are also referred to as Rotameters. MMP offers analog meters to measure the flow rate of a single phase non-pulsating liquid.

  • Available in Online Tube Fitting / Panel Mounted Design
  • They are featured by their low weight, long life span and beautiful design
  • MOC of Body - Machined cast Acrylic
  • MOC of Internals – Ss304
  • MOC of End Fittings – PVC
  • Accuracy: +/- 4% Full Scale
  • Max Temperature: 130 deg F ( 54 deg C)
  • Max Pressure : 125 psig

Technical Parameters of TFM series Tube type flow meter

ModelMeasure RangeScrew ThreadAccuracy
TFM-15G6-6030-2401-10G 1/2”1/2” BSP 
TFM-15G12-12060-4201.6-16G 1/2”1/2” BSP 
TFM-33G30-300200-20004-40G 1/2”1/2” BSP 
TFM-50G60-600300-30006-60G 3/4”3/4” BSP 
TFM-25G120-1200600-420016-160G 1”1” BSP 
TFM-25G300-1800600-600025-250G 1”1” BSP±4%
TFM-40G1200-36001200-1200080-400G 11/211/2” BSP 
TFM-50G1200-48004800-18000100-500G 2”2” BSP 
TFM-50G1200-60001800-18000120-600G 2”2” BSP 
TFM-50G2400-72009000-27000300-850G 2”2” BSP 
TFM-50G3000-90003000-3000400-1200G 2”2” BSP 

The outline size of PFM Series flow meter


The material and code of the parts of PFM Series flow meter

With ValveFittingFloatO-ring
T with1.BaseSSSilicon Rubber
4.Brass2.Fluorine Rubber
5.Brass Chromeplate SS

Technical Parameters of PFM

ModelGPH(liquid)LPH(liquid)Nm3/h(Gas)Screw threadAccuracy
PFM-15ZG 1/2”1/2” BSPT
PFM-15ZG 1/2”1/2” BSPT
PFM-1510-100LPHZG 1/2”1/2” BSPT
PFM-1516-100LPHZG 1/2”1/2” BSPT
PFM-156-6030-2401-10ZG 1/2”1/2” BSPT
PFM-1512-12060-4201.6-16ZG 1/2”1/2” BSPT
PFM-1518-18060-36002.5-25ZG 1/2”1/2” BSPT±4%
PFM-1530-300120-10804-40ZG 1/2”1/2” BSPT
PFM-2560-60030-210010-100ZG 1”1” BSPT
PFM-25120-840600-300020-100ZG 1”1” BSPT
PFM-25120-1200600-420016-160ZG 1”1” BSPT
PFM-25300-2100600-780025-250ZG 1”1” BSPT
PFM-25300-2400600-900030-300ZG 1”1” BSPT
PFM-25300-27001200-1020035-350ZG 1”1” BSPT