Filtration Yarn

  • Mmp filtration has developed and are now manufacturing high-quality yarn for filtration industry.
  • State of art manufacturing facility provides excellent filtration Yarn for wound filter.
  • How are filtration yarn is exported worldwide and is sold in our Indian subcontinent for the liquid filtration industry.
  • According to the requirements of the filter industry, all yarns manufactured gives optimum performance for a Wound PP filter used in various applications.
  • MMP filtration yarn manufactured for the filtration industry is by Dref Friction spun process.
  • Different applications for various industries requires Alternate raw material for the string wound filter.

What is DREF ?

DREF Yarn is friction spun yarn and was developed by Dr Ernst Fehrer in 1973, Austria. The fraction spun yarn, DREF Yarn have bulky appearance ( 100-140% bulkier than the ring spun yarn). The higher bulkiness of yarn has higher air volume which allows the liquid to pass more easily by trapping the particles between the fibers. The twisting of the yarn is done by friction method which results in higher porosity as compared to the roving yarn.

DREF Yarn has many applications for various industries. The properties of a DREF Yarn is very important for good filtration aspect.
The compactness of yarn, twist level with hairiness plays an important role. Higher the hairiness would result in higher absorbency of different size of particles.

The DREF Yarn manufactured by MMP undergoes various test for filtration efficiency, flow-rate, initial differential pressure and other test parameters.
The manufactured yarn is taken to produce Wound filter and are tested in our in-house laboratory.

DREF manufactured filter yarn has much higher dirt holding capacity as compare to the Roving yarn DREF Yarn has low flow resistance of liquid as compared to Roving Yarn. Wound Filter Cartridges made by DREF Yarn has lower weight as compared to the filters made by Roving technology. This is a huge saving and make the filter much more economical. DREF Yarn manufactured filters has higher advantages by their Filtration efficiency and Life of the filters as compared to filters made by roving yarn or any other technology.

Thermal Limitations of the Material:

Code Media Temp
PP Polypropelene 90°C / 194 F
CB Cotton, bleached 135°C / 275 F
CU Cotton, unbleached 135°C / 275 F
GF Glass fibre 400°C / 752 F
R Rayon 125°C / 257 F
PE Polyester 150°C / 302 F
N Nylon (polyamide 6) 135°C / 75F
SS Stainless steel 400°C / 752 F
TS Tinned steel 125°C / 257 F

DREF Yarn Compatibility Chart:

Filter media PP PP CB CB CB GF GF A A PE N N N
Water X X X X X X X X
Drinking water X X X X X
Condensate X X X X X X X
Deionised water X X X X X
Galvanic baths (pH 3-9) X X X X
Galvanic baths (pH < 3) X X
Degreasing baths X X
Pickling baths X
Tin baths, alkaline X X X X X X
Oxidants X X X X
Electroless nickel plating X X
Acids (pH 1-6) X
Leaches (pH 8-14) X X X
Organic acids X X X X X X X X X X
Solvents X X X X X X X
Alchohol, glycerine X X X X X X X
Hydrochloric acid X
Phosphoric-& nitric acid X X X
Hydrofluoric acid X X
Sulphuric acid X X
Benzene, toluene, cresol X X X X
Triethylene glycol X X X
Acetone X X X X X X X
Tetrachloromethane X X
Hydrogen peroxide X X
Crude oil X X X X X X X X X X
Light fuel oil X X X X X X X X
Diesel oil X X X X
Polyglycols X X X X X X
Photochemical baths X X X X X
Phenolic resins X X X X X X X X
Alkyd resins X X X X X X X X X
Epoxy resins X X X X X X X
Cataphoretic paints X X X X X X X X X
Water circulation power stations X X X X X X X
Soft drinks X X X X X
Mineral water X X
Alcoholic beverage X X