Water Filters

Natural resources of water is depleting, forcing us to use ground water / sea water. Both are highly contaminated and need filtration. Scarcity of water has compelled industries to recycle, reuse water and go for treating its effluents, all this processes needs filtration.


These are wound filters which are continuously an diagonally interlocked over a supporting core. The winding provides tapered filter passages of controlled size and shape.  The pattern on the filter determines the microns.

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These filters are light weight melt blown filters, suitable for domestic RO. These are also industrial grade filters, and are suitable for liquid filtration.

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These filters are industrial grade melt blown filters, suitable for liquid filtration.

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These filters are manufactured using pleated polypropylene double layered membrane as the filtering material, and polypropylene shell for internal and external support. These filters are thermally welded without any adhesive.

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Wound Filter Production Machine

Software supported electronic string wound filter machines are electronically controlled, and simple to operate. Micron and pattern settings are done by inputs on a touch screen panel.

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High Permeable Bulky Yarn (HPBY)

HPBY is used for manufacturing string wound filters, and are the most popular yarn for wound filters.

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Core for Filter Cartridges

Is used as a support for the yarn in the wound filters, and may also be used as an additional support for the melt blown filters.

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Air Filters

Increasing economics development and rapid industrialization has magnified the existing environmental issue.  Removal of undesirable elements from the industrial workplaces is required to maintain consistent supply of fresh air.

Pleatex – Pleated Filter Bags

When used in a dust collector system, it minimizes the overall size of the pollution control equipment.  These bags are to be inserted in the system from the top.

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MTex – Conventional Filter Bags

These are conventional bags which are supported by inserting a cage into it. These are manufactured using needle felt media.

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Cages for Dust Collector Filter Bags

These provide support to the filter bags.

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Pleatex – Pleated Cartridges

When used in a dust collector system, it minimizes the size of the pollution control equipment. These bags are inserts in the system from the top and bottom. They also have increased surface area for filtration.

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