Melt Blown Media

Melt Blown Media

MMP manufactures the intermediary melt blown fabric which is used to make the face masks. This melt blown fabric is commonly known as filter paper, and it is the heart of the face masks as it filters the particulate matter. This melt blown fabric is obtained by continuous filaments extruded polymers through special spinnerets.

It also improves the filtering efficiency of bacteria, provides uniformity, and easy breathability. Melt blown fabric acts as a medium between the two layers of spun bonded material, and is the most important component of the mask.

The melt blown intermediary fabric generally has smaller diameter filaments, and superior filtration properties. This melt blown fabric has high efficiency and a higher capacity for holding dust. This filter fabric has a very soft feel, high porosity, good air permeability, light weight, and is the most ideal material for face masks.

Characteristics of Melt Blown filter fabric

  • Random orientation of fiber
  • Web strength derives the strength from frictional forces, and mechanical entanglement
  • The web strength is low to moderate
  • Generally high opacity
  • Fiber diameter ranges from 0.5 to 30 μm, but typically from 2-7 μm
  • Basis weight ranges from 8-150 g/m2, but typically 15-120 g/m2
  • Fabric has a high surface area for good insulation

Technical Specifications:

Material: 100% PP
Function: Breathable
Color: White
Weight: 25 ± 2 gsm
Width: 175 ± 1 mm
ID of Code: 76 mm