About MMP Filtration Pvt Ltd

MMP Filtration Pvt Ltd. is a part of the corporate group - MMP, with its flagship company, Manoharlal Mahabirprasad registered as early as 1952. The filtration division of this group is operational since 1996. MMP Filtration Pvt Ltd has its head office at Kolkata and branch offices at Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

MMP Filtration Pvt Ltd has its focus on the field of water filtration and air pollution control. Our systems are eco-friendly and are designed to remove unwanted, unpleasant and unhealthy solid or unseen impurities that may be present in underground, industrial, potable water supplies and also in the surrounding atmosphere of a workplace to maintain a constant supply of fresh air. We have a wide range of equipments & products for almost any application that requires filtration so that industrial water and air pollution can be controlled.

MMP today is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of water and air filters in India. MMP has its presence and brand establishment across INDIA and its products are exported worldwide.


The human body can exist only when there is a supply of pure air. Due to growing industrial and automobile pollution, the urban population is striving towards technology that would help them clean air.

Polluted air is a big threat to the ecosystem. The rush for survival, looming threat of aftermath of "global warming" and fight for existence has made it imperative that the atmosphere is cleansed of pollutants.

Dust collectors and other dust extraction systems are popular in curbing pollution due to industrial applications. MMP's range of products in this segment addresses the filters / components that go in a dust collection system.


Despite the fact that one cannot survive without it they have abused water, the most important component on this universe. a realization, little late in the day but nevertheless important has been refreshed in the minds of people to remind them of the need for clean and safe water. Such awareness today has largely increased the demand for filtration equipments, so as to initiate the filtration of water.

For the past decade MMP Filtration Pvt. Ltd has continued to play an important role in supplying water treatment equipments / components. the products supplied are eco-friendly and are designed to remove unwanted, unpleasant, unhealthy or unseen solids.