Dust Collector Filter Bags & Cartridges (Pleated)

The pleated filter bags and cartridges are an innovation over the conventional filter bags to address market requirements of higher efficiency and lower bag filter space requirement. These products are made up of spun bonded polyester, which works on the “surface filtration technology”. As the media is assembled in a pleated fashion, it provides 3 to 4 times higher filtration area compared to conventional bags.

MMP is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers for these products in INDIA. MMP had started marketing these products as early as 1997, under a collaboration of a Danish company. MMP is now an indigenous manufacturer of these products and has assembly units at Kolkata and Vasai.

Application Industries

Cement, Steel, Metallurgical, Power Plants, Gypsum, Cupola, Ceramics, Incinerators, Paints, Pharmaceutical, Asphalt Mixing, Fertilizers, Spray Dryers, Sugar, Asbestos, Powder Coating, Shot Blasting, Wood Working, Food Processing, Foundry, Welding Fumes.etc

Range of Products Under MMP Pleatex

Range of Media Offered

Media CodeDescription
MMP 240 (SP)Spun Bonded Polyester 240 gsm
MMP 260 (SP)Spun Bonded Polyester 260 gsm
MMP 260 (SP / PTFE)Spun Bonded Polyester 260 gsm / Water repellent coating
MMP 240 (SP / AL)Spun Bonded Polyester 260 gsm / antistatic coating
MMP 260 (SP / PTFE)Spun Bonded Polyester 260 gsm / water repellent /antistatic coating