The conventional dust collector filter bags are manufactured using “non woven needlefelt media”. The fibres of the base material, with the support scrim in the middle is passed through a high speed needle-loom. The specially designed needles punch the fibres and interlock them on the support scrim. The material is then calandered and singed to give an aesthetic surface finish. The result is a stable textile material having air permeability suitable for dry dust filtration. MMP is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of the dust collector bags in India. These bags are manufactured in the state of art stitching facility at Kolkata.

Brand MTEX

The Mtex is the brand of the low temperature media range offered by MMP. This includes the popular polyester non woven media with different specifications suited to different industries. The Mtex range of media is pre-heat set material to prevent shrinkage during operation. The material passes through stringent lab tests for the key parameters of air permeability and tensile strength.

Range of Material

MediaCodeMax Cont TemperatureWeight
PolyesterPE150 deg C400, 500, 550, 600 gsm
PolypropylenePP90 deg C500, 550 gsm
Homopolymer polyacrylicnitrilePOH130 deg C550, 600 gsm
Copolymer polyacrylicnitrilePOC130 deg C550, 600 gsm
PPS (Ryton)PPS160 deg C500, 550 gsm
Aramid (Nomex)AR200 deg C500, 550 gsm
Polyimide (P84)PI200 deg C550, 600 gsm
PTFE (Teflon)PTFE250 deg C750 gsm

Coatings Available

  1. Oil & Water repellent coating
  2. Antistatic Coating

Application Industries

Cement, Steel, Metallurgical, Power Plants, Gypsum, Cupola, Ceramics, Incinerators, Paints, Pharmaceutical, Asphalt Mixing, Fertilizers, Spray Dryers, Sugar, Asbestos, Powder Coating, Shot Blasting, Wood Working, Food Processing, Foundry, Welding Fumes.etc