Pleated Bags (Polyurethane Top and Bottom)

Pleated Cartridges are custom-made pleated bags. These products are offered in a variety of fitment arrangements and sizes. These products are a suitable solution when very high filtration area is required per cartridge.
By increasing the diameter, pleat depth and number of pleats, areas as high as 15 sq mtrs can be provided in one cartridge. However, these have to be carefully selected based on application parameters like nature of dust and dust loads. The pleated cartridges can withstand 130° C temperature during operation.

Fitment Options

  • Standard 3 Lug Flange with Top Loading ( Sealing gasket at bottom)
  • Standard 3 Lug Flange with Bottom Loading ( Sealing gasket on top)
  • DIN type Cartridge with bottom loading ( Tie Rod fitment)
  • Collar Type Flange for with Top Loading
  • Other Customized Designs

Material of Construction

TopAluminum / SS 304 / SS 316
BottomGI / SS304 / SS316
InnerGI / SS304 / SS316


The product is offered in the below standard sizes. Custom designed sizes can also be provided

Diameter (mm)Length (mm)Pleat Depth (mm)No. of PleatsArea (sq mtrs)
150500 - 200016/2840 - 600.64 - 6.72
225500 - 200016/28/4860 - 800.96 - 15.00
325500 - 150028/4880 - 1002.24 - 15.00