Pleated Bags (Polyurethane Top and Bottom)

The Metal top and bottom pleated bags are basically a parallel model to the Polyurethane type bags, having the advantage of temperature withstanding capabilities of 130° C. These bags have a specially designed Metal top and bottom. The bags are provided with a snap band (as used in conventional bags) of the specific diameter as required by the customer. The snap band is mounted on the tube sheet and then these bags are inserted as a “top loading” bag. The specially designed top provides a snug and secure press-fit inside the snap band.

The product offers the below advantages:

  • Leak Proof Sealing ( even in cases when cell plate is not cut by a laser cutter)
  • A 160 mm dia pleated bag is compatible in various cell plate sizes ( 158 to 161 mm)
  • The media is moulded inside the PU during the manufacturing process.
  • Ease of installation. It does not require any clamping or tools. Bags can be easily installed as a press-fit into the snap band.

Material of Construction

TopGI / SS304 / SS316
BottomGI / SS304 / SS316
InnerGI / SS304 / SS316
Snap BandNon Woven Needle-felt Polyester


The product is offered in the below standard sizes.

Diameter (mm)Length (mm)Pleat Depth (mm)No. of PleatsArea (sq mtrs)