Pleated Bags (Polyurethane Top and Bottom)

The Polyurethane (PU) pleated filter bags provide a unique design that can be easily retrofitted in existing dust collectors. These bags have a flexible PU top and bottom and the bags are inserted in the system as a “top loader”. A metal plug is provided with each bag that is to be inserted inside the PU top. The PU expands because of the metal plug and seals the bag at the cell plate. Owing to the mechanical properties of PU, these bags have a max temperature limitation of 90°C

The product offers the below advantages:

Leak Proof Sealing ( even in cases when cell plate is not cut by a laser cutter) A 160 mm dia pleated bag is compatible in various cell plate sizes ( 158.5 to 161 mm) The media is moulded inside the PU during the manufacturing process Ease of installation. It does not require any clamping or tools. The metal plug can be pressed by applying pressure by the foot

Material of Construction

InnerGI Perforated Sheet / SS 304 Perforated Sheet


The product is offered in the below standard sizes.

Diameter (mm)Length (mm)Pleat Depth (mm)No. of PleatsArea (sq mtrs)